Monday, October 31, 2011

Slow Day.

Sorry for only posting once a day, by the way. I have been getting so bored that I have just been phasing in and out of consciousness.

I have literally done nothing productive today. Ah well. I don't mind. I had one hell of a weekend.

Nothing scary happened to me on Halloween so far except for the daunting fact of me writing 50,000 words in 30 days starting in 28 minutes.

Who am I kidding, I am excited. I am a writing nerd. I, sometimes, just sit around and write Dungeons and Dragons campaigns just to see the type of story I can make. I guess you know where the setting of my novel is going to be.

Forgotten realms if you want to be specific.

Well, I am going to go continue to count down the 27 minutes that are left.

I lied, I am just sitting here updating the time as I stare blankly at the clock.

22 minutes.

15 minutes.

7 minutes. Queue intro music.

6 minutes. I am going to end it here.

Until next time, I'm off. Peace.


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