Thursday, October 20, 2011


Okay, I need to stop smoking. Either it is causing me to be so far gone that I keep forgetting what I am doing or it is causing me to Here's the story.

I didn't have a very good yesterday. Among many things, it just wasn't a very good day. Shit happens. I'm over it. So I am ending my day by smoking at my friends' apartment before I headed off to bed. They have 3 people in a 2 bedroom apartment. One of the guys is never there so I always crash in his room on the floor. We usually just pass out while watching Venture Brothers.

Well I was smoking out on the deck, although it is on the ground floor so it is more like a fenced off porch, when I started to get really, really tired. It was to the point that I felt really sick. So I stumbled my way to the makeshift blankets that I deem a bed and crashed.

Now this is usual for me, aside from the sick part. I mean, I get allergies so that would make sense for me to get sick and I was smoking so I was also feeling a little relaxed to begin with. Here's where everything gets weird.

I woke up at my house.

I must have drove, since my car is here, and I seemed to have showered and changed before going to bed. Now this has happened before, although it was because this girl I liked took me home when I got hammered one night, but it wasn't really the same this time. I was shaved, hair trimmed, and even my fucking glasses were clean. I mean spotless.

I, personally, blame stress mixed with a bad day and then topped off with me smoking and being tired. A whole combination of fuck to create the perfect storm of bad.

I don't know why I am fretting over this. I'll head back over to the apartment later tonight and ask if one of the guys helped me home. I just wish I stopped feeling so sick.

I always get sick near Halloween. It hasn't failed since I was 10. And when I get sick then it is the works. Coughing, sneezing, sweats, hard to breathe, and sometimes vomiting. The coughing has always been the most dreaded part though. It gets so bad that I can't sleep sometimes and have to use enough pillows to where I am practically sitting up so my through stops tickling.

Anyways, on a lighter note, I am going to be getting Dungeon Defenders tomorrow. It will help me stop being left out of the group of friends that I know who are playing it. They need a Monk, and me being the guy who loves monks in any form of game play I am more than up to the challenge.

Well, at least I slept great last night. I feel rejuvenated and filled with energy.

And with that I am off. Until next time. Peace


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