Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update from earlier.

So, according to my friends, I left of my own accord last night. Although, there was a few things wrong with how I acted. Aside from me not remembering it, these other reasons just add to how weird this all is. This is how it went down according to them.

I woke up suddenly and started to stomp around grabbing some things to get ready to leave like my keys and my wallet. One of my friends stood in my way to ask what was up. I ended up pushing him out of my way overly rough, knocking some stuff on a table off.

After that I guess I drove myself home and fixed myself up before going to bed. There are some other things weird here.

I took my keys and my wallet but none of the other stuff I take with me to my house like my iPod to listen to music or my phone, which I always have on me.

I looked at my car after hearing this and noticed that I had roughly 22 miles in-between last night and today. But It is only 5 miles to my friends house. That means that I drove around for way longer than needed.

Anyways, I am not sure what to think of this but I will probably lay down off of smoking tonight, sleep at the guys apartment, and try to get through the night without any more problems. I am off to go watch some more Doctor Who.

Until next time. Peace.


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