Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a night.

I need to drink more often. Last night ended up being quite a night to remember. Except...well I only remember most of it. At least I think it is most. Anyways, let me break it down.

First me and my friend played League of Legends and Dungeon Defenders to loud music while drinking the lighter drinks to wash down our dinner of sandwiches and candy bars. This lasted about 2 hours.

Then we took out 4 shot glasses each and had a race to see who could drink them the fastest. The final shot glass was filled with Tequila while the rest was filled with Vodka. However, the final shot glass was as big as two. I won.

After that the two of us had some pretty deep and personal philosophical conversations. It ended with me talking to quite a few people on Facebook.

Then, I got a girlfriend...On her birthday.

Not a single regret. This should be the start of a good road in life.

I ended up falling asleep for a few hours but I don't feel like I did. Must be the hardcore running around or something. Who knows.

So I am probably going to go as the 9th Doctor from Doctor Who for Halloween. It should work if I can find someone with a leather jacket.

Well football is on and I am hoping that I can win my Fantasy Football league. I just started getting into it this year with a friend and it is quite fun. I am enjoying myself with it. So I'm off.

Until next time, Peace.


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