Monday, October 17, 2011

Fuck WoW.

Fuck World of Warcraft, I am playing Elements. Why? Because I am easily attatched to random flash games. It is a weakness to me.

Sitting here in my friends apartment as we blurt random Venture Brothers quotes as I stare at my screen, monotonously typing this blog.

Had a weird day today. I was just chilling at the school lobby when I suddenly started to get a major headache. There was this loud screeching sound that seemed to be some kids phone or something. I'm not sure. After a while it started to make me feel sick. I went outside and sat down on the grass. The headache died away but I feel like I am getting allergies too, so it was just replaced with a huge amount of coughing and the occasional sneezing.

I used to not get allergies but since around 2 years ago I started to get them every year, most often the closer to Halloween it gets.

I'm not one to complain, but trust me. It fucking sucks.

Anyways, Going to probably go smoke and then play some more Elements as I am drowned by the soundtrack of the original Zelda game as my friend plays it. I should get a sponsor from Elements.

Here is the link for the game:

I am off for now. Peace.


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