Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fuck it.

Ugh, I finally got home after my Philosophy midterms today. Not fun. Not fun at all. Luckily, my good friend treated me to dinner tonight at this burger shack nearby. I swear that small places have much better food than anything mainstream. Fuck McDonald's.

Well I had English and Philosophy again today. English was simple as always. Watch a video, respond to it on paper, then discussion. After that I head to the campus lobby for 3 hours until my next class. It gives me study time, reading time, and time for me to watch Heroes on Netflix. I love that show. I am only a few episodes from the end of Season 4 too. I want to know what happens.

Today's "study" session wasn't too good though. This girl I really like but friend-zoned was going to stop by and show me Pokemon Green but she had to cancel. That's what I get for getting excited.

I have always had relationship problems. My first relationship, and probably my favorite, was a girl I met in 8th grade during a dance class. It was a fun and flimsy relationship, but my favorite non-the-less. First loves are always hard to lose. She ended up cheating on me. Shit happens.

My second relationship ended after about 2 weeks. Turns out we didn't bode well with each other in the relationship sense.

My third relationship lasted 10 months. She was probably the girl I have loved the most in my life. She ended up breaking up with me. We are still friends and hang out occasionally but we couldn't be much father apart.

My fourth relationship lasted about 2 days. However, with this girl, I grew very close to in a friend manner. I still talk to her and hang out with her whenever I can. She will probably be reading this and then laughing at me.

My fifth relationship lasted about 4 months and has been on/off ever since. It is a distant thing going, seeing as how she lives where I used to before I moved 2 hours away to go to college. She and I still trade the lovey dovey stuff over texts but it still feels half-assed and lacking in much real meaning.

See. Not the best guy when it comes to relationships. I mean, I lost my virginity in a fucking park. I am not your average guy when it comes to women. No telling, really.'

Well, after this break period from classes I headed off with my friend to our philosophy class. It was time for the full blown midterm. I think I got a solid B on the test but I am not too positive about it. I needed to study more.

Well, I am probably going to go head over to another friend's house to smoke and then head home to crash. Long day today. I think I deserve the off time.

Until next time, I'm off. Peace.


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