Sunday, October 30, 2011


Had another crazy night. This one, however, wasn't as good or as normal as the last time. Let me elaborate a little.

So we started off without a pregame. Meaning we left sober and hunted to become intoxicated.

There was a flash mob that was going on in the late afternoon. We all got ready but ended up sagging and going 30 minutes later than we should have. We got there when it was over and everyone had left.

After that we headed back and decided to go hit the town and get into a random block party or something like that.

This is done through one of two ways. Bring booze or bring women. We had none of the latter, so we decided to pick up a 36 pack and head to a random party.

We get halfway there and cops start searching for anyone with any booze. So we had to ditch the beer and keep going. After this major rain on our parade we decided to just go head back, get some booze, and then head back.

After that the night was pretty good, but it was just the meantime that was pretty aggravating.

There was something weird about last night though.

It feels as though I kept seeing the same costume. I mean, everyone can't be original so I was expecting to see a lot of the same costume. Hell, 4 of my friends were Ninjas. But I wasn't really expecting this one to be as popular. It was these guys, or at least I assume because they had no chest each time, dressed as mobsters.

They were in suits, slacks, red ties, and even dress shoes. Really expensive shit. But there were a few creepy things about the costume.

A major one was that the people that wore the costume seemed to wear a mask that made them faceless. The other weird part was that they were all really tall. I mean, I am sure it was just me being me but they all seemed quite a bit too high up to be an average guy. Maybe stilts or something like that.

I'm not sure what the costume is supposed to be of but it was pretty unnerving. Mostly because I know I have seen that character before. But I'm not sure where.

Agh, well my plans with this girl were canceled today so I am just off to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Until next time, I'm off. Peace.



  1. Mate, this is going to sound strange, but have you considered getting out of town for a while? Go take a holiday somewhere! Treat yourself! Go to New York or something and stay in one of them big tall buildings.

  2. I would but the problem with that is that it requires money, which I do not have. Besides, I like it here. Why do you suggest this?

  3. There's no way to say this without it sounding crazy...
    Mate, Just read this .
    Sounds an awful lot like the person you've described in "Fuck People", "Long Day Yesterday" and just now, doesn't it?
    Not saying it's actually a monster, but it could be a loony who thinks he is.

  4. That is probably where these people got their idea of a costume. I am not really worried about it. If someone thinks that they are the actual thing then they might end up getting hurt but their is nothing I could really do about it.

    Everybody is a little crazy. I don't find you more crazy than anyone else.