Saturday, October 29, 2011

Damn. That was crazy.

That night. Last night. Was fantastic. So many good things happened yesterday. It is hard to believe. Here is how it went down:

First I headed over to my friends house so that we could smoke. We got that on and then met with another friend who joined in. Then we headed out to get some food before my friends needed to do their homework.

We hit the town and they took me around to places that I have never been before. I ended up getting more money in change from a place that made me a burrito than what the burrito was worth.

Then we hit a comic shop and I bought a sword. A real sword. I could nerd out about it but I will pass for now.

Then we headed back to the first friends place, blew off the homework, and partied. He has 3 girl roommates that are all good looking and they decided to show us their costumes. Say what you want about me, but it was awesome.

Then I tried to leave there at around 10 and another friend ran into me and we headed to his place for a scary movie marathon. That lasted around 2 hours and then I went to leave.

Then I ran into ANOTHER party and ended up being in that for a little while longer.

Then I managed to get back to the apartment that I am always at when people started to show up there.

I finally just drove back to my place and crashed.

What a crazy day. Hopefully I will be able to party again today. I love Halloween.

Until next time, I am off. Peace.


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