Friday, October 21, 2011

Well then.

Well, at this moment, I am sitting in my political science class trying to recuperate from a severe case of midterms. Having messed up my papers in the beginning of this class, my grade isn't perfect already. I only hope I studied enough.

I slept last night through the whole night. I left out any description about how it was because it wasn't good or bad. My head hit the pillow, I went out like a light, and I woke up as instantly as I fell asleep. It was a decent sleep, but I am still tired.

I don't even think that tired is the correct word. I feel more exhausted than anything else. And so is life.

There is a quote that is one of my personal favorites. "Life sucks. And then you die." True. Oh, so true.

Jumping back to me being in political science (I do this a lot when I just ramble on), this class is a doozy. The deranged teacher decided that the normal curriculum wasn't good enough so she made her own version of each chapter. Now I know almost nothing of politics so I don't even know the difference between a democrat and a republican. The instructor has proclaimed herself "The Democrat" and forces everything that she believes upon us. Now, normally, I wouldn't really care I would ignore it if it was annoying or listen in if I became interested. But when it is an instructor I would like a much less biased class so that I can understand both sides.

To make matters worse, the girl who friend-zoned me sits next to me. Not that it is awkward but it sometimes hurts the soul.

How does that old song go? "I want you to want me." Yeah, that. It always plays in the background of my head when I talk to her.

Well class is continuing again here soon so I am off to go doodle some more.

Until next time. Peace.


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