Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fuck people.

Fuck certain people man. Here's the full story.

Today was the day I was getting everything ready for my Doctor Who costume. My friend and I left at around 11 in the morning to head to Starbucks first. W got some coffee and I got a bagel and then we headed over to KMart.

At KMart we hunted around and finally found a V neck, green t-shirt. 9th Doctor was specific when he wore his green, V neck shirts. We finished up there and headed over to Supercuts. At Supercuts I told them my info and then we left to wait 20 minutes for my appointment.

We headed over to Gamestop nearby to check out the place. I am, for sure, getting Batman Arkham City. I also need to get my PS3 fixed so that I can play some games like Disgaea 3. I also checked out the Infamous 2 demo and the new Sonic the Hedgehog reboot. They were both pretty awesome.

We headed back to the Supercuts and I proceeded to get my haircut. Here is where I got pissed off. There was this rich guy, or so I assume by his apparel, standing on the other side of the window. Me being the only person getting a haircut, I saw him and noticed that he was just staring at me. No one seemed to notice him at all but he fucking stared at me for like 15 minutes. I had to take my glasses off so I couldn't see his expression or anything but I assume he was looking at his next rape victim for something like that. Fuck that shit. I know karate and carry a butterfly knife. Motherfucker can bring it.

When I went to go confront him afterwards he had left. I didn't really notice anything else around. I guess he had noticed me see him and ran for it. Who fucking knows.

Anyways, I am going for a smoke and then I'm going to play some League of Legends.

Until next time, I'm off. Peace.



  1. Probably just some bored guy, nothing to really get all in a tizzy over. Forget about it, life is much too interesting to worry about people like that.

  2. Hey, random question, did the Creeper staring at you look anything like the guy who was derping around for half an hour on that other apartment's porch?

  3. @JediZero That is what I thought at first but when he never moved and was only seeming to follow my movements, it started to get really nerving. I'll probably forget about it eventually.

    @Aly Well they were sort of dressed the same. I am not sure. Now that you mention it they do have some similar qualities but I highly doubt it was the same guy. Unless some undercover cop is trying to figure out about the $9 million that I made on my Cocaine drug cartel.