Monday, October 17, 2011

Well, first class of the day done, only one more to go. I am in-between classes at the moment, waiting to go from English to Philosophy. Midterms today, bleck.

Got a phone call today in the middle of class. A number I didn't know. Went outside to accept the call and it went straight to voice mail as I picked it up. I listened to the voice mail but it was only static for 15 seconds or so. Interesting. Not a number I know of and I don't really have the courage to call back. It seems like a pocket call so I should probably just forget about it. Yet I keep thinking about it.

I guess this is why I am the one with a therapist and you are the one reading this silly blog. Bah, there I go rambling again. Although, what else is this for?

I keep forgetting to do things lately. It's really getting to me. Yesterday I forgot where I had put my keys until I found them in the refrigerator. Today I forgot to go by my place to get my bag yet it was in the car the whole time. Lost my sketchbook about a month ago. Still don't know where it is. My life is average I guess. Whatever.

Only 4 more hours until I can grind out my honor tonight to get my season 10 on WoW. That sentence was gibberish to some.

Hope I am not blogging to much. Well, if someone doesn't like it then they don't have to read it.

I don't doubt that I would post more today, so until then, I'm off.



  1. Did you ever call the number back?

    if you wish, I could give it a call...see what happens.

    I hope that you're staying safe.

  2. I did end up calling it back. Apparently it was a track phone or something. It said that the number was no longer active. Thanks for offering though.