Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There is nothing to do!

Seriously! I am beyond bored here. I am trying to play Metro 2033 but I want to play Deus Ex. I play Deus Ex and I want to play Metro 2033. The entire time I have the knowledge that I have to write more for my book tonight.

Speaking of which, I got the general idea of the story ready and I have been hardcore cramming in order to make sure I can write this. I will be fully starting the book either later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Luckily I have many class that I can just work on the story through. This makes me a lot less nervous than I could be.

Well, my friend is coming over to smoke and then I will go back to playing indecisive hockey with my games until I stop playing all of them and start writing like I should.

Go go procrastination!

Until next time, I am off. Peace.


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