Monday, November 21, 2011

40th Post!

Today has been quite the interesting day.

I am almost finished with House of Leaves. Quite a bad ass book so far.

I have been completely sober all of today and most of yesterday. I doubt I will partake in anything until tomorrow.

A couple of friends of mine are making a band and I got the offer to be their manager/sound equipment specialist. I feel honored, but for now we are just trying to build a studio in one of the guy's back yard. Got the pieces to fix up a shack yesterday and we are expanding it over the week.

It is impossible to get any work done with Thanksgiving coming up soon. Classes are either changing dates to turn in papers or canceling class to go a few days early. I am not really complaining about missing classes but it is still lame when I force out a bullshitted paper and then learn I had another week.


Anyone ever seen Chowder? Radda radda radda.

I love that show.

Anyways, I don't really remember much of yesterday. I remember sleeping most of the day, finally, and I remember moving back into my old place fully, but other than that I don't remember too much. You'd think I would be used to that by now.

Wait. I just noticed something. Why does it say that I have 40 posts? I only see 37? Hmm. Well it must be a glitch or something.

Gah I need to become more focused. I need coffee. coffeecoffeecoffecoffee

I found my journal today! Big news for me because I get to use it tomorrow for class to doodle. It was the passenger seat of my car. I am glad about that.

Well, until next time, I'm off. Peace.


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