Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 post!

Woohoo! The 30th post! I just wish it wasn't on such an off note.

I learned that I had, in fact, slept at the apartment last night and then left for home. But what I was explained doesn't really make sense.

After I got in from smoking, I headed off to the bathroom and got ready for bed, as one of my friends recalled. The problem is what happened from here.

I, apparently, never left the bathroom.

They woke up the next morning and had to bust the door open because it was locked from the inside, window and door alike.

What makes it even worse?

The sink was full of blood.

I think it was from my coughing fits. I have coughed up blood before, although it isn't pretty.

I wasn't expecting THAT much blood, but I am sure that I am okay. I stopped coughing for now, but if it gets any worse I am pretty sure I am going to see a doctor.

I am not sure how to take this all in but I will figure something out. But, for now, I have a birthday party I have to attend. My friend is waiting for me to finish up.

Until next time, I'm off. Peace.


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