Sunday, November 6, 2011


Here I am. Sitting in my chair. This chair of mine has seen and heard many of things.

It has learned the lyrics to every Gorillaz song.

It has seen all of the gruesome effects of my insanity.

It has been here for me, always keeping me as comfortable as possible.

It has cried with me at the end of M*A*S*H.

And here it is, protecting from everything yet again. It is hard to believe how much of a connection me and my chair have. The love that we share. Hell, I once fucked on this chair.

I love this chair but even it cannot protect me. It can't stop anyone from hurting me. it can't be my guardian angel for the evils of this world.

I named my Car the Ishimura from Dead Space. Quite fitting if you ask me, since cars are screaming metal deathtraps.

The night is quite beautiful tonight.

Oh hey there He is. I'm going to go say hi. Just a new friend. Finally, I haven't gotten a new one since I left my home.

I'm out.


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