Thursday, November 3, 2011


I need to find some way of not being over stressed. I find myself looking at the little amount of work that I have and just stressing massively over it. I know it isn't a huge deal and I know that I will fret over it but I continue to do it anyways.

It is this disease that I gained from my father. He overly frets and stresses about everything that requires him to do any form of work.

Granted he gets the work done and so do I, but the process in getting it done? It blows. Majorly.

This causes quite a few problems when I am trying to do things from writing to simple things like making sure I don't miss an appointment.

Luckily I don't have to see the therapist as long as I have this baby and the doctor continues to read it.

Hey Mr. Greene.

Anyways, today was a little off today. I kept getting the creeps. I am also noticing more Tulpa's that usual, or mind-generated visions.

When you look at something, your first glance can contain something that isn't actually there. This has been happening to me quite a bit lately.

It isn't as fun as it may sound considering it usually startles me. I swear I am going to give myself a heart attack or something.

Well, other than that I hope to actually get some sleep tonight. Didn't sleep much last night.

The usual. I guess I should be more used to it now.

Well I guess I am off then.

Until next time, Peace.


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