Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Annex won't sleep anymore.
Once come night
There will be no fight.
In your hands will lie
Whether he will live or die.
Answer this question right and he shall be fine
Answer wrong and he is next in line.

What would Annex miss doing most?

I will give you some aid
It is his hobby which will not fade.
He partakes in it all the time.
Most would think of it a crime.



  1. Hmm...well...he hasn't been partaking in certain, um, herbal medicines. Fuck it, he hasn't been smoking pot as much lately. That's my best guess...fuck I hope it didn't just kill my best friend.

  2. Okay, for those confused (including myself), I'll try to figure out what the fucks going on. You know those normal posts? The ones where there isn't a crazy code or anything? I've seen him post those, whether at my apartment or at school. But when one of the weird posts come up, he isn't there when he should be, and when I call his phone I get nothing. Then when he shows up next, I ask him about his last post. He acts like the last post was the normal one, not the weird one. Either he's trying to keep me in the dark, or he's having worse memory loss then we would think. Sorry if this wasn't too helpful. Laters.