Thursday, March 1, 2012

Next episode.

I think that this episode speaks for itself. While it is creepy to think that this happened to me, it is worse to think of what might be to come.

Sorry for the delay, every time I would try to upload the video it would just stop the uploading and return to my desktop.

Another weird thing is, looking back at all of my videos, whenever I watch them on the camera or my computer there is massive sound and video distortion, yet when I upload them to Youtube everything is fine. It is getting really annoying and it makes everything near impossible to edit.

Because of this problem there are moments where it is really too dark to see much or there is hardly any audio that can be heard. I apologize for this in advance and I hope that you all can still watch it with some sort of ease.

Anyways, until next time everyone, I'm off.



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