Sunday, December 4, 2011

now that he is out of the way, let us have some fun.
the game has been put into play, what is done is done.
want to help the poor boy?
simply join me and play with this new toy.
riddles will be said.
answer wrong and he shall end up dead.
answer right and the next round will start.
trust in me, you wouldn't want any other part.

needing to see and be seen
his eyes are a hue that is____.



  1. Okay...fuck. I don't remember peoples eye colors at all. Well, the rhyme scheme would suggest green, so I'll go with that.

  2. HAhAAhAHhAHhHAhAhhAaAhAhhAhhAAHhA

    strike one.


  3. Crap. Okay, I'll go again. but if I'm wrong, someone else try. I'll have to go with...brown.

  4. colder.

    try again?